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How to Store Meat! 

👉Happy cooking in this Holiday Season! Here are some guidelines on how to store meat!

🐷Please take care of all our smoked or fresh products!🥰

👉Hurka, fresh sausage, meats should be stored in freezer! Simply place your meat—either in its plastic packaging or removed and covered with plastic wrap—on a plate in your fridge the night before you plan on cooking it.

👉We do recommend storing all our smoked products in the fridge, but if you are not planning to cook the ham hocks, smoked meats, smoked ribs, smoked butts, loins in the next 👉5 days after you purchased it, 

please freeze it!

👍For long term storage you can freeze all our products, yes even the headcheese. Please follow USDA guidelines on how long you can keep meat in the freezer!

🥰Thank you and Happy Cooking!🥰

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