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Jozsef Hirs, “The Hungarian Sausage Master”, has been in the butcher trade for the past 30 years, offering the best quality traditional Hungarian smoked meat products. Using the most authentic ingredients, following old world recipes, he remains true to his high-quality standards and proud Hungarian heritage. Hirs learned the trade secrets early on from his father and grandfather while growing up in Tokod, a small village in Hungary. He further developed his skills in his native country, at The Food Processing School in Tata, in the early 1980’s. Later on, in the US, Hirs increased the level of his expertise by adopting new technologies since the 1990’s. Mastering his trade, committed to high quality standards, taking pride in his business, “The Hungarian Sausage Master” had been proudly serving communities nationwide with traditional Hungarian meat products, offering nothing but the best of pork sausages, bacon, and a variety of smoked meats. Invited to many markets and events throughout the east coast, today Hirs is bringing a small piece of Hungary to New Jersey. 

We thank all of our customers who have shopped with us and have helped with the success of our business. 

The Hungarian Sausage Master

Please call us for UPS orders

1 (201) 925-9471

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